Cockerell McIntosh Pediatrics
Blue Springs, MO
Major Renovation & Redevelopment
Cockerell McIntosh Pediatrics purchased an old Golden Corral building which had been abandoned since 2011. Forge Construction completed a major renovation including exterior enhancements and a total interior demolition. And while the outside enhancements greatly improve the curb appeal, it’s the inside of the office that makes this redevelopment project so extraordinary.
“Forge was the general contractor of a major project for our new office... I worked closely with the team throughout the 8-month project. Each person was very professional, providing regular updates on the project and doing everything they could to accommodate our seemingly regular changes to the plan. After completion of the project, Forge has stood by its work and has been quick to respond to any issues that have come up. We had a great experience working with Forge and will definitely consider working with them for future projects.” Bryan Wood, Practice Manager, Cockerell McIntosh Pediatrics